TrueView People Counter®


  • Automated system, operating in real time, fully embedded in AXIS network cameras.
  • Easy to install and setup and infintely scalable
  • Maintain the application remotely over IP, set and monitor parameters, download or stream video.
  • Seamless integration with TrueView DataManager® and TrueView Xense®
  • Push counting data automatically from any number of cameras to TrueView DataManager® and TrueView Xense®
  • Two way counting counts people moving in both directions simultaneously.
  • Accurate counting even under high density conditions or with baby carriages or trolleys present.
  • Leading digital image processing minimizes shadow and reflection problems.
  • Open protocol lets you integrate people counting data with POS or other systems.

Managing data

TrueView People Counter® gives instant access to important visitor statistics directly in the camera, which allows further insights to:

  • traffic data,
  • conversion rate, and
  • average basket size.

TrueView People Counter® traffic data can be analyzed directly in the camera by pointing a standard web browser to the camera’s URL. After some simple clicks on the mouse the user can view people counting data in real time and create interactive charts with historical data.

Reporting Software and Analysis

Interacting with your people counting data never been simpler. Cognimatics offers several possibilities depending on need and budget including accessing the traffic data directly in the camera by pointing a standard web browser to the camera’s URL and an open HTTP API. 
TrueView Xense®  -  Intuitive business intelligence cloud software solution with customizable dashboards
TrueView DataManager® - Locally or hosted data management solution for easy integration of numbers into other BI solutions.