With four weeks to go until Christmas, we are definitely in the busy season. After an eventful autumn, we have several product releases lined up for the first quarter of 2016. We hope you will take this opportunity to read and get a sneak-peek into two of them.

Information at the Core of Decision-Making
We know that the end customer – in most cases the retailer - buys our applications for the information and insights they provide. It has always been Cognimatics policy to be open and provide customers with several ways to access the footfall or queue information; e.g. via our open API, events, or our backend reporting tool, TrueView Web Report®. Going forward, we will continue to be open and provide even more options by launching TrueView DataManager® and TrueView Xense®.

Introducing TrueView DataManager® and TrueView Xense®
Our customers have been asking for an improved look, ease of use, and flexibility which have been the key elements while developing these back-end tools.

TrueView Xense® in short:
TrueView Xense will replace item number 002002040 TrueView WebReport hosted, which no longer will be marketed or sold as of 31.12.2015 for new customers. In short:
  • Hosted/cloud based.
  • Overview dashboard of selected KPI:s and the most important charts
  • Modern and intuitive interface, designed from the ground up with the retailer/location owner in mind
  • Platform agnostic responsive design
  • User level data availability and defaults fully supported.
Note -  This product targets the end-user (retailer/location owner).

TrueView DataManager® in short:
  • Locally installed or hosted/cloud based.
  • Used to store and organize camera data.
  • Monitors camera connections and maintains data integrity.
  • E-mail alert system for inconsistencies and connection issues.
  • Used to prepare data for TrueView Xense® enabling many of its advanced grouping and filtering capabilities.
  • Used to create permalink exports of data or sets of data.
Note - This product targets the system integrator helping the retailer/location owner to provide the information from the TrueView® applications into TrueView Xense® or other business intelligence applications.
Support for Axis Firmware 5.70 +
Our TrueView People Counter® is now fully compatible with the latest Axis firmwares.
Please refer to this link for additional information on our latest release. 

Marketing & Events
  • Get answers in our paper “Accurate people counting with monoscopic vision technology and embedded software – what you need to know” here.
  • Updated product sheets are now found under each application on our website
  • If you have not already seen our film, please visit our YouTube Channel
  • We are joining Axis Showcase events in Lund November 26th and will be in New York for NRF Big Show January 17th-19th 2016 presenting even more news!
Please note! Our offices will be closed December 28th-30th due to the holiday season.

Best regards,
Cognimatics AB & Cognimatics Inc.