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We hope 2016 has been off to a good start! The Cognimatics’ team is excited to announce several powerful new applications, all available in February and March! Thanks to our loyal newsletter subscribers for experiencing the difference!

Cognimatics launches the world’s first embedded demographics application 

Embedded analytics in retail to learn more about which gender group your store audience belongs to and to accurately estimate their age category has been high on the wish list from our partners for a long time. 
TrueView Demographics® has the ability to analyse multiple faces simultaneously. It does however, in the interest of privacy, not store any pictures or provide any facial recognition capabilities. The video stream can also be blurred and the only output of the application is the numeric value of men and women with an age estimate. 

Features and specifications of TrueView Demographics® 
• 100 % embedded.
• Mounting: Depending on installation and camera. Minimum resolution is 50 pixels face width. 
• Default operation mode is full HD (1920x1080). 
• Recommended camera model is AXIS F41 with lenses F1004. F1015, F1025 depending on need/location 
• Follow up on historic demographics, using built-in graphs. 

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Have it your way – TrueView DataManager® and TrueView Xense®
The TrueView®-suite of applications provide several possibilities to access the data collected. Regardless if the need is to directly access the raw data from within the embedded application, provide the data into other business intelligence systems, create static reports for distribution, or dynamically view, drill down into, and analyse the data to answer your company’s most important questions – Cognimatics has a way and with the addition of TrueView DataManager® and TrueView Xense® we have even more possibilities and flexibility to offer!

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TrueView Xense® Dashboard
Partner with Cognimatics:
We are actively looking for system integrator partners with an interest in retail in Poland and France. If you would like to work with the leader in embedded video analytics and offer your clients people counting, queue measurement, demographics analysis we have something to discuss. E-mail sales@cognimatics.com